Get Ahead with Expert-Led Training in Effective Pandas

Course Outline

- Course Overview
- Intro
- Before you get started: Prerequisites and Resources
- Teaser video

Part One
- Loading Data
- Loading Data Exercise
- View
- Inspect Exercise
- Tweak
- Tweak Exercise
- Stats
- Stats Exercise
- Plotting
- Plotting Exercise
- Filter
- Filter Exercise
- Loc
- Loc Exercise
- Iloc
- Iloc Exercise

Part Two
- Missing
- Missing Exercise
- Grouping
- Grouping Exercise
- Join
- Joining Exercise


Python & Data Science Corporate Trainer / Consultant | MetaSnake

Matt Harrison

Author and instructor of Python and Data Science material. Co-chair Utah Python user group. Speaker/presenter at various conferences (PyCon, OSCON, Strata, SciPy, SCALE, OpenWest, StartFest). Corporate trainer to companies big (HP, Adobe, Cisco, Samsung, Qualcomm) and small (Instructure, Fusion-IO). Taught multiple 6 week courses for elementary students on Drone programming, Python programming, web development (html and css), and ebook production (published an ebook and physical book at the end).