Modern Digital Transformation is about adaption to the world we are now living with. It is about reimagining how an organization works to be nimble, quick, and leverage humans for the highest value—leveraging technology.

Determining the next best action to take for a customer as they progress through their customer journey, making a credit decision, identifying fraud, pricing a product or policy, catching machine defects before they impact a manufacturing line, or validating a claim are just a few examples of the thousands of daily operational decisions facing companies today. A Rapid, Complex, Analytic-Driven Decisions at Scale is necessary to prosper in this New Economy.

In this webinar, Bruno Rodrigues, head of Digital Transformation and Innovation from SAS, will explorer explain How Organizations could to increase their capability to do augmented decision making  - where a human takes analytically driven insight to make a decision (such as a call center) and automated decision making where a machine makes the decisions (such as next best offers or logistical routing) without human intervention. From the news business opportunities to the operations challenges to the enterprise-wide implementation.

Instructor's Bio

Bruno Maia

Digital Transformation and Innovation Leader for LA at SAS

Experienced Sales Senior Head Of Analytics with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Business Process, Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and on the Advanced Analytics Market.

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    Decisioning The Key of the digital Transformation

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