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APIs are everywhere. The beauty of APIs is that APIs allow for a simple communications method between two systems, and they are extremely useful for gathering data from systems, as well as command and control of remote resources. Most modern APIs are web REST APIs. In this session, we learn about using R for three kinds of API tasks: consumption, command/control and serving APIs. From a consumption perspective, we discuss how to work with the httr, curl, and jsonlite packages. We show examples of constructing API requests, submitting them, and working with the responses. We discuss tips and tricks to optimize the workflow. to interface with web REST APIs for many purposes. From a command & control perspective, we discuss several packages included in the cloudyr (http://cloudyr.github.io/) project, which allow you to manage and execute tasks in the cloud. We show examples of creating resources and augmenting your data using APIs. Last, we discuss the plumber R package, which allows users to expose existing R code as a service available to others on the Web. We discuss how to take models and functions and expose them as APIs so others can use them

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    Consume, Control and Serve REST APIs with R

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Instructor Bio:

Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect - Data/AI | Microsoft

Marck Vaisman

Marck is a Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect and Data Scientist at Microsoft specializing in Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence workloads on Azure. He works with customers across the U.S. Federal Government. His expertise lies in making data work for the problem at hand, drawing from experience spanning government, the commercial sector, and academia. Marck is an experienced R programmer and advocate and has been involved with the Data Science community for over 10 years. He co-founded Data Community DC, an organization that promotes Data Science and Analytics practitioners and reaches over 20,000 professionals in the D.C. Metro area. Marck is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Masters of Analytics program and the George Washington University’s Masters in Business Analytics program. Marck grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish.