As AI becomes more prevalent in the industry, it's creating new job opportunities and replacing traditional ones. Data scientist, AI Engineer, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer are just a few of the new roles. However, those in more traditional jobs, such as data analysts, business analysts, developers, engineers, product development roles, HR, and more are beginning to see AI used more frequently in their job roles. Whether you are looking to upskill or reskill in AI, this first session in a three-part series is a must-attend.

The tutorial will cover: Becoming an AI Expert: Getting Started 

We will wrap up the tutorial with a deep dive into our Ai Literacy Glossary so you can understand the key terminology when communicating with Ai experts.

Local ODSC chapter in Kolkata, India

Instructor's Bio

Sheamus McGovern

Software Engineer & AI Expert

Founder of ODSC and Software Architect specializing in, complex multi-platform systems across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, and education.


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