Join ODSC and Novartis for a panel discussion on AI in healthcare. 

Topics will include 

  • The prevalence of AI in healthcare 
  • How the pandemic changed the use of AI in healthcare
  • Some AI solutions you bet on to improve the future of healthcare
  • best practices, and more

Local ODSC chapter in Delhi, India

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Instructor's Bio

Priyam Banerjee

Associate Director Data Science, Insights & Analytics, CTS at Novartis

Priyam has about 12 years of experience in applying data science to business problems in various industries. He has led multiple end-to-end projects to apply data science solutions to many unique business problems facing clients. He is very experienced in using advanced statistical and machine learning tools and techniques to build predictive algorithms that help clients tackle various challenges in the life & non-life insurance business operations, as well as deploy such solutions and deeply integrate them within the business framework.

Priyam has worked in multiple geographies like US, India and Asia Pacific including Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. He is also involved in analytics trainings and has also spoken at a couple of external seminars at prestigious institutions like the Institute of Actuaries in India and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He earned his MS in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India.

Srayanta Mukherjee

Director Data Science, Data & AI, CTS at Novartis

Srayanta is a Machine Learning researcher whose goal is to be recognized as an expert by experts for transforming a global organization into an “AI-first” organization.  His primary areas of expertise include stochastic simulations, sequence modeling, NLP, computer vision and developing statistical potentials. Bulk of his research has been in the field of drug discovery, protein structures, protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions, time-series-based intervention modeling, multi-variate regression, and sampling and optimization. For over 10+ years, Srayanta has worked with a number of eminent scientists in drug discovery and AI, and has contributed 17 publications in international journals/conferences with over 300 citations. 


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