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    Ai+ Career Lab 2021 On-Demand Recordings

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    • 2021 Ai Job Market Review for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and related roles by Sheamus McGovern

    • Am I Ready for a Data Science Job by Aadil Hussaini

    • Diversity in Data Science- Challenges and Possibilities by Marie desJardins

    • How to make sure your first data science project is not a disaster by Daniel Byler

    • Navigating Data Science Interviews by Shrilata Murthy

    • To get hired as a data scientist, don't follow the herd by Jeremie Harris

    • Transitioning into a Career in Data Science by Rosana de Oliveira Gomes

    • Going Beyond Toy Projects to Land Your 1st Data Science Job by Vin Vashishta

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