Projects that have a computer-vision component, such as image classification, object detection, segmentation generally require labels for thousands of images. Data Labeling in Azure Machine learning gives you a central place to create, manage, and monitor labeling projects. Use it to coordinate data, labels, and team members to efficiently manage labeling tasks. It supports image classification, either multi-label or multi-class, object identification with bounded boxes and instance segmentation with polygons. The ML assisted labeling feature lets you trigger automatic machine learning models to accelerate the labeling task.

Instructor's Bio

Vijai Kannan, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Vijai Kannan is a Senior Program Manager in Azure Machine Learning organization, focused on data labeling. Vijai has been with Microsoft for more than 13 years focusing on ML Data Pipeline, Bing Ads BI, Big data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse technologies.

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