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Join Allen Downey, PhD, experienced instructor, expert in Data Science and Bayesian Statistics and author of Probably Overthinking It, for a wide-ranging discussion on common pitfalls in statistics and how to avoid them. 

You'll touch on a wide-range of topics, from surprising statistical phenomenon and how they're related to real life and your work as a data scientist to common mistakes like the base rate fallacy, length-biased sampling, and Simpson’s paradox. 

Whatever your level of statistical knowledge, Allen Downey will introduce you to new insight into the methods and measurements that help us understand the world.

Don't miss the chance to ask your questions and share your thoughts during the live Q&A.

You may find Allen's book "Probably Overthinking It" here -

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Instructor's Bio

Allen Downey PhD

Curriculum Designer | Professor, | Olin College

He is the author of several books — including Think Python, Think Bayes, and Probably Overthinking It — and a blog about data science and Bayesian statistics. He received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley; and Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from MIT.


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