Many data science and machine learning projects are unsuccessful because they fail to utilize high quality external data. External data provides important context that’s not found in internal data and can reveal powerful insights and patterns that provide a competitive advantage. Enhancing your internal data with external data is a proven way to improve model accuracy. For many data science teams this means they need to expand and scale their use of external data. New technologies have been developed to overcome many of the challenges with finding, acquiring, matching, and merging external data with internal data. 

Attend this webinar to hear how Explorium’s external data platform helps data science teams overcome many of the traditional barriers to leveraging external data.

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Instructor's Bio

Stephen Archut

Director of Product Marketing at Explorium

Stephen is a product marketing and sales professional with over 15 years of experience in the data & analytics enterprise software industry. Prior to Explorium, Stephen led product marketing for TIBCOs’ data management offerings including data integration, master data management, and metadata management. Stephen was a key member of the marketing team that launched IBM’s Watson Analytics (now part of Cognos Analytics) in 2014. He also was responsible for product marketing for solutions in the IBM SPSS predictive analytics portfolio. Stephen has a BS in Economics from Pennsylvania State University and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI.


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