Join us for an insightful exploration of how Knowledge Graphs are revolutionizing the way enterprises harness the capabilities of Generative AI. 

Webinar Highlights: 

- Understand the rapid rise and significance of Generative AI in the data sphere. 

- Discover the challenges and risks associated with implementing Generative AI in enterprise settings. 

- Learn how Knowledge Graphs serve as a foundational technology to address these challenges. 

- Explore how Knowledge Graphs enable accurate responses to natural language queries and ensure data provenance. 

- Dive into legal considerations, access controls, and data privacy in the context of Generative AI. 

- Get practical insights on implementing Knowledge Graphs for Generative AI with real-world case studies. 

- Engage in a Q&A session with experts in the field. 

Why Attend? 

In less than a year, Generative AI has transformed from a niche technology to a sought-after capability across industries. However, unlocking its potential in enterprise environments requires addressing critical concerns related to accuracy, privacy, and legality. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to make Generative AI a success within your organization. 

Who Should Attend: - Data Scientists - AI Enthusiasts - Business Leaders - IT Professionals - Decision-makers

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Sean Martin

CTO & Co–Founder of Cambridge Semantics

Sean's experience covers multiple aspects of starting and growing a software company, including holding various titles from President through to co-lead dish washer. He continues in a leadership role as CTO and serves on the board.


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