Join dotData Sr. Data Scientist Sharada Narayanan as she dives into the strengths, uses, and limitations of popular time-series forecasting techniques like ARIMA and Prophet. 

Sharda will walk through real-world examples, share code snippets, and explore how ARIMA Prophet compare when building models using Feature Engineering techniques and advanced machine learning algorithms. 

Dive into the insights of each method and see how programmatic feature engineering and machine learning can supercharge your time series analysis.

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Sharada Narayanan

Sr. Data Scientist at dotData

Sharada brings 6+ years of experience in Data Science and Machine Learning to dotData. Sharada is an integral part of the Customer Success team, supporting the automation of business solutions using dotData’s AutoML and Auto Feature Engineering. Sharada’s background includes diverse experiences from the retail and automotive industries working on implementing Machine Learning solutions for Customer Analytics, Supplier Analytics and Purchasing analytics.


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