Failure or delays in creating training data and deploying data ops can suffocate good deep learning models, a chance data scientists can’t bet on. In this session, attendees will learn how iMerit is solving the problem of scaling data pipelines with accuracy using unique technology. Join iMerit’s VP of Product, Glen Ford, as he uncovers the invisible technology building successful data labeling workflows and discovering anomalous and novel classes for customers using iMerit’s Edge Case technology.

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Instructor's Bio

Glen Ford

VP of Product at iMerit

Glen leads the product management and design teams. Glen holds more than two decades of product development experience across the technology sector. A Graduate of Texas A&M University—Commerce, Glen began his career as a consultant where he handled full-stack web programming and architecture for clients including Time Warner and AIM Funds. Over the years, he has held senior and director-level product management roles at several companies including Demand Media, WP Engine and Humanify. Most recently, Glen spent four years at Alegion — an ML-powered data annotation platform — where he helped the company grow from eight full-time employees to more than 100 in a challenging, emerging market.


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