In this session we’ll discuss the current trend of increasingly larger AI models, empowering a wider range of tasks in the language, vision, and multi-modality space, with growing levels of capability.  

    We’ll give an overview of the research and engineering efforts supporting the trend, its product and engineering impact at Microsoft, and the implications for other companies.

Local ODSC chapter in London, UK

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Instructor's Bio

Luis Vargas, Ph.D.

Partner Technical Advisor at Microsoft

Luis is a Partner Technical Advisor to the CTO of Microsoft. Responsible for Microsoft’s AI at Scale initiative coordinating efforts across infrastructure, systems software, models, and products. He bootstrapped the productization of Automated ML and Reinforcement Learning in the Azure AI Platform, worked on the launch of  Azure Database Services, and lead the high-availability area for SQL Server. Luis has a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University.


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