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Scientist at and co-author of Machine Learning for High Risk Applications, will explore ways of improving ML/AI outcomes for organizations, people, and society. She’ll discuss the significant risks of utilizing ML as well as the rewards when it’s done thoughtfully and responsibly.

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Instructor's Bio

Parul Pandey

Principal Data Scientist at | Author

Parul has a background in Electrical Engineering and currently works as a Principal Data Scientist at Prior to this, she was working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Weights & Biases. Parul is one of the co-authors of Machine Learning for High-Risk Applications book, which focuses on the responsible implementation of AI. She is also a Kaggle Grandmaster in the notebooks category and was one of Linkedin’s Top Voices in the Software Development category in 2019. Parul has written multiple articles focused on Data Science and Software development for various publications and mentors, speaks, and delivers workshops on topics related to Responsible AI.


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