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Tutorial Overview

Prompt Engineering with OpenAI

This workshop on prompt engineering with OpenAI discussed best practices for utilizing OpenAI models. We will review how to separate instructions and context using special characters to help improve instruction clarity, context isolation, and enhances control over the generation process.  The workshop also included code for installing the langchain library and demonstrated how to create prompts effectively, emphasizing the importance of clarity, specificity, and precision in prompts. Additionally, the workshop showed how to craft prompts for specific tasks, such as extracting entities from text. It provided templates for prompts and highlighted the significance of specifying the desired output format through examples for improved consistency and customization.

Lastly, the workshop addressed the importance of using prompts as safety guardrails. It introduced prompts to mitigate hallucination and jailbreaking risks by instructing the model to generate well-supported and verifiable information, thereby promoting responsible and ethical use of language models.

Tutorial Topics

  • Prompt Engineering Instructions
  • Prompt Engineering With OpenAI
  • Best Practices for Prompting OpenAI
  • LangChain Agents
  • Crafting Prompts for Specific Tasks
  •  Prompting Safety Guardrails

Meet your instructor

Senior Machine Learning Engineer / Data Science Consultant

Mary Grace Moesta

Mary Grace Moesta is a senior data science consultant at Databricks. She's been working in the big data and data science space for several years with opportunities to collaborate across several verticals, with the majority of her work focused in the Retail and CPG space. Prior to Databricks, Mary Grace was able to contribute to several machine learning applications, namely - personalization use cases, forecasting, recommendation engines, and customer experience measures.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the tutorial!

    • What You'll Learn in This Tutorial

    • How to use this tutorial

    • Tutorial Prerequisites

  • 2

    Prompt Engineering Part II: Prompt Engineering with OpenAI

    • Best practices for prompting OpenAI models

    • Prompting safety guardrails

    • Lesson Notebook: Prompt Engineering Part II.

    • Prompt Engineering Part II


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