Talk Title#1: "Risk Management: Where Analytics & Data take center stage"


Today, banks or lending institutions face a gamut of risks – right from credit to fraud to operational risks. However, the growing access to various types of data and analytical tools has helped banks manage these risks well. In this session, we will particularly talk about the best practices that banks like American Express follow in managing Credit and Fraud risk while also providing superior customer experience! The session will cover the dimensions of Data, Feature Engineering & AI/ML Models in the context of Lending & Banking organizations.

Talk Topic#2: 100x Faster Analytics with Speed, Scale & SQL 


Real-time analytics are critical for organizations that not only need to make decisions quickly, but to power fast, interactive experiences for employees, customers and partners. Yet antiquated data platforms can’t return queries in minutes (let alone seconds), and disparate systems further complicate your ability to glean valuable insights quickly. As businesses evolve, growing data volumes and complex data architectures expose AI/ML applications to increased complexity, rising costs, slow-moving data, and backbreaking latencies, resulting in poor performance. The solution is simple! The underlying data engine makes all the difference. SingleStoreDB enables ultra-fast ingest, super low-latency queries, and multi-model support, meeting growing demands.

We will discuss:

- How modernization of databases can supercharge analytics applications delivering exceptional impact 

- How a Unified Database can amplify the impact of your Analytics 

- The use of Deep Learning with a modern data platform boosted fast image matching

• Virtual ODSC APAC 2022 September 7th-8th -

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Instructor's Bio

Vamsi P K

Commercial Data Science Lead at American Express

Vamsi joined American Express 11-12 years ago as a management trainee post completing his studies from BITS-Pilani & IIM Bangalore. Over the years, he has worked through many roles across Consumer, Institutional credit risk & AI/ML teams at American Express. Vamsi currently leads the Commercial Data Science team that is responsible for feature engineering across Risk, Revenue & Line models at American Express

Fahad Khan

Sales Director at SingleStore

Last 15 years he has worked with Enterprises to build effective data and analytics strategies. Prior to SingleStore, Fahad has worked in Qlik, Megalon, Brady.  He is a Tech Evangelist with keen interests in modern data challenges and willing to jump into conversations to solve them.


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