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The emergence and popularity of generative applications have raised numerous ethical concerns that can be broken down into a number of categories: 

- Lack of explainability 

- Incorporation of human bias 

- Inherent English and European bias of training data 

- Lack and impact of regulation, now and in the future 

- Fear of apocalyptic outcomes 

- Lack of accountability by developers 

- Impact to the environment 

- Effect on labor 

In this interview on navigating the ethical concerns of generative AI, Michelle Yi will explore the causes, effects, and possible solutions for several of these concerns. In particular, she will focus on the impact of lack of explainability, legal and regulatory challenges, and how we move forward with this new technology responsibly. 

Additionally, Michelle may touch on how increasing diversity in the data science and AI community and industry can help address the issue of human bias in particular.

Don't miss the chance to ask your questions and share your thoughts during the live Q&A.

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Instructor's Bio

Michelle Yi

Technology Leader | Board Member at Women in Data

Michelle is a technology leader that specializes in machine learning and cloud computing. She has 15 years of experience in the technology industry, contributed to the original IBM Watson showcased on Jeopardy, and enjoys building and leading teams that develop and deploy AI solutions to solve real-world problems. Michelle is passionate about diversity, STEM education/careers for our minority communities, and serves both on the board of Women in Data and as an avid volunteer for Girls Who Code.


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