WSL 2 - Windows Subsystem for Linux is a layer for running Linux binary executables natively on Windows. What is WSL 2? How does it fit within your workflow? What is the value of it for data science? How to setup your machine? How to run your first code? This introductory session aims to provide answers to these questions, get you introduced to WSL2 and get you started by configuring your machine and running your first code.

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Instructor's Bio

Akram Dweikat

Network Economics (ML) at Deliveroo, Global Data Science Z by HP Ambassador

Akram is a computer engineer and entrepreneur, specialized in machine learning & AI. He has been recognized by the UK Government as an Exceptional Talent in computer engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Akram is currently the Engineering Manager for Deliveroo's Network Economics (ML) team. Also, he is a global data science ambassador for Z by HP. He has been appointed as an AI Expert by the World Economic Forum, serving on their Global Future Council on Artificial Intelligence for Humanity. In his spare time, Akram helps build agricultural gardens for income and food security in his native Palestine. Earlier in his career, Akram helped establish the entrepreneurial community in Nablus and was one of eight youth selected to meet US President Barack Obama on his official visit to Palestine.


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