In this webinar, we will cover advanced techniques for leveraging the full power of Large Language Models (LLMs) while adhering to a reasonable budget. We work with many data scientists who have successfully demonstrated the potential of GenAI technology, only to find themselves encountering significant obstacles when it comes to cost and efficiency at production scale.

     Our session will guide attendees through innovative strategies to overcome these challenges, including: 

- Utilizing Small Language Models (SLMs) for efficiency 

- Employing LLM Distillation to reduce resource demands 

- Implementing prompt unit testing to maintain quality integrity

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Ivan Lee

CEO of Datasaur

Ivan graduated with a Computer Science B.S. from Stanford University, then dropped out of his master’s degree to found his first mobile gaming company Loki Studios. After raising institutional funding and building a profitable game, Loki was acquired by Yahoo. Lee spent the next 10 years building AI products at Yahoo and Apple and discovered there was a gap in serving the rapid evolution of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. He built Datasaur to focus on democratizing access to NLP and LLMs. Datasaur raised $8m in venture funding from top-tier investors such as Initialized Capital, Greg Brockman (President, OpenAI) and Calvin French-Owen (CTO, Segment) and serves companies such as Google, Netflix, Qualtrics, Spotify and more.


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