During the session we’ll be providing an overview of Power Virtual Agents – Microsoft value proposition, how we’re positioned alongside other Microsoft’s Conversational AI offerings, and inherent features and capabilities we’re bringing to our customers. 

     We’ll do a quick demo, share some inspiring customer stories, and look at exciting features in the roadmap.  We will also provide details around our most recent announcements at Build and have time for Q&A with the Conversational AI Product Group.

Local ODSC chapter in London, UK

Instructor's Bio

Dewain Robinson

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Dewain Robinson is a Microsoft Principle Program Manager for Bot Framework and Power Virtual Agents that has been working with Conversational AI for over 6 years and with Microsoft technologies and IT for over 20 years.  Dewain has experience with working with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help them realize their potential with Microsoft solutions and has worked to implement Conversational AI in numerous form factors from IOT-specific to Enterprise scenarios.

Gary Pretty

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

Gary is a Principal Product Manager for Power Virtual Agents and Conversational AI at Microsoft, focused on delivering exceptional conversational authoring and development capabilities. Formerly a Microsoft AI MVP, Gary also co-founded the Bot Builder Community project on GitHub.


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