Does the following sound familiar to you? Overwriting existing plots and model files, having to put a model in production in 10 days or running out of GPU availability again. If it does, this webinar is for you, you'll end up with a set of tools and workflows that can make your life so much easier. Increase your productivity by automating mundane tasks. 

This webinar will cover a use case (ML model training) from beginning to end in the most efficient way possible, which is what MLOps is all about. It's using open-source tooling, so you can already start:

Local ODSC chapter in London, UK

Instructor's Bio

Victor Sonck

ML Engineer at ClearML

Victor is an enthusiastic machine learning engineer and tinkerer. Having worked on dozens of machine learning projects in the world of consultancy, he’s now more focused on making inspiring, entertaining and questioning content. Making youtube videos about silly machine learning projects or writing more serious blog-posts on how to deploy them. He loves public speaking and wants to share the magic of machine learning with everyone willing to listen.


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