Anomaly detection is a crucial capability for many businesses that want to foresee problems before they occur and take proactive actions. Azure Anomaly Detector is an AI service that enables you to monitor and detect anomalies in your time series data with little machine learning knowledge. 

In this talk, I will introduce the features and benefits of Azure Anomaly Detector, demonstrate how to use it with simple code snippets, and showcase some real-world use cases where anomaly detection can make a difference. Whether you want to detect anomalies in IoT device traffic, fraud transactions, or market trends, Azure Anomaly Detector can help you achieve high accuracy and reliability with minimal effort.

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Louise Han

Product Manager of Anomaly Detector service at Microsoft

Louise has several years working on machine learning and AI products, and with experience working on API, SDK, and related integration. She leads her team releasing iterations of Anomaly Detector service and moved Multivariate Anomaly Detection to Generally Available this month, which will bring many benefits to industries including energy, manufacturing, utility, consulting and more.


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