Most document processing applications will use more than one stage or AI Model. The ‘proof of concept’ phase can be time consuming when trying to test various algorithms on your own data. This presentation aims to provide the guidance and resources to generate a multi-stage, cognitive pipeline in hours.

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In this self-paced, free training module, learn how to use Language Studio to enrich Azure Cognitive Search indexes and enrich a cognitive search index with custom classes.

Learn how to integrate AI into your applications that can extract information, classify text, understand conversational language, answer questions and more through the Azure Cognitive Service for Language documentation.

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Brandon Cowen

Senior AI/ML Solution Architect at Microsoft

Bringing six 6 years’ experience with internal and externally facing deployment of NLP models, Brandon joined Microsoft in 2021

James Hoff

Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

With seven years’ experience delivering cognitive service deployments to customers, James joined Microsoft in 2021


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