This meetup is co-organized by BasisTech and ODSC.

Who: People who build, develop and apply LLMs or wish to learn more about them

When: 6:15-8:15pm Tuesday January 23, 2024; doors open at 5:30pm

Where: BasisTech, 1070 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144 (directions) is a 10 minute walk from the Davis Sq. T station

What: Two speakers followed by Q&A. Food and drinks will be served.


Talk#1: AI Can Be a Friend to Creative Endeavors, Too

Summary: The impact of generative AI on the entertainment industry  continually sparks debate and fascination. Today, where fully generated pop songs emerge and writers’ strikes hint at underlying tensions, there is palpable apprehension about the future. However, it's crucial to recognize that the creative sector has also long anticipated the advent of generative AI, both as a tool to democratize and augment media creation. We will delve into the current and future capabilities of creative generative AI, exploring  what is possible, what is likely, and what could be beneficial. The foresight of the entertainment industry offers a trove of visionary ideas that help us understand what’s to come. While I'll touch upon controversies such as job displacement, the proliferation of repetitive content, the fracturing of shared narratives, and copyright issues, the focus will be on how generative AI could positively reshape the creative landscape. 


Talk#2:  Building the Future of Investment Research with LLMs

Summary: We will explore prompt engineering and fine-tuning open and closed source large language models (LLMs) specifically for investment research to help analysts quickly build up a deeper understanding and tell the story of a business and its stock during a given time period. Financial data on public companies —such as, SEC documents (e.g., 10-K, 8-K), earning transcripts, company presentations, and financial tables — is mostly public but also noisy and messy. ,  The data contain rich information but are also challenging for LLMs to reason over, especially in applications where hallucinations are unacceptable. We will focus on  content retrieval, data generation, and excerpt and table summarization. The session will also offer practical examples to demonstrate the application of these models for investment research, prompting and fine-tuning techniques, frameworks, and insights gained through experience.

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Instructor's Bio

Dr. Catherine Havasi

Chief of Innovation and Technology Strategy at Babel Street

Catherine is a technology strategist, artificial intelligence researcher, and entrepreneur. In the late 1990s, she co-founded ConceptNet, the first crowdsourced project for artificial intelligence and which has played a role in thousands of AI projects for over 20 years. She previously directed the Digital Intuition group at the MIT Media Lab and ran the lab's first generative AI project on Computational Creativity. She co-founded Dalang, Luminoso, and Learning Unlimited and ran product at Basis Technology before the sale of Rosette to Babel Street. She was honored as one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business. She earned a PhD at Brandeis University and currently runs Innovation and Technology Strategy at Babel Street.

Dr Yuval Merhav

Founding ML Engineer at Portrait Analytics

Yuval, the machine learning wizard at Portrait Analytics, where he works on search and applying LLMs for investing. He was  formerly a 'Knowledge Graph Guru' at Twitter and a seasoned tech voyager. During his long tenure at Amazon as a Senior Applied Scientist, he juggled multilingual NLU and privacy for Alexa AI, including work on Alexa's Japan launch despite not knowing Japanese. Previously, he was a Principal Research Engineer at BasisTech, enhancing NLU capabilities. Yuval, earned his PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology, also held research roles at The University of Alberta in Canada and ENS in Paris, France. When not advancing AI, he's likely playing soccer, claiming to make the world's best hummus, or relishing the great outdoors.


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